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christianity's Journal

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Christianity Community
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The Christianity community is a discussion group geared towards ecumenical, denomination-independent, Christianity-oriented enlightenment concerning our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ, and His Body, the Church. This community is open to all messages with a Christian theme, including (but certainly not limited to): Liturgical seasons, as well as feast and fast days; personal spiritual experiences; the lives of saints, martyrs, and doctors of the Church; declarations of faith of individuals as indicated by their respective communions or jurisdictions; and other matters of the Faith. Exchange of information on how Christianity compares to other religions would also be of interest, as are topics concerning apologetics. That being said, this community is not a place to promulgate outright heresy (though again questions are welcomed) or to proselytize Christians away from their faith.

This community is open to Christians and non-Christians alike. Anyone who desires to discuss Christian-related topics is welcome to join and post here. Questions are welcome indeed! The more we talk, the more we understand one another. This is a good thing.

New users need to be approved by the moderatorial team. There are no creedal or theological factors in obtaining membership. You can be an atheist, an Anglican, or what have you, and be able to post here. However, due to the bad behavior of some, this has become a sad necessity. Please note that if your journal is blank, and do not have any users or communities friended, or your only friends are drama-related communities, your membership request may be denied.

In this spirit, community members are reminded to treat each other with respect at all times. We are all made with the image of God within us all and should strive to act accordingly.

As it is considered good netiquette, if you are to post a long entry, please use an LJ-CUT tag. If you do not know how to do this, please click here. Screening, freezing or deleting other user's comments is also in poor taste. Let mods handle this.

Posts containing nothing but a link as well as posts regarding donations of money to individuals, families, or causes are not appropriate for this community and may be deleted by the moderator without notice. You are, however, free to post prayer requests and/or links to charitable organizations. Members may then research those organizations and decide for themselves whether they should donate.

Posts that contain vulgarities in the message text or posts that contain personal attacks are not appropriate for this community and may be deleted by the moderator without notice. Also, messages with user icons that contain vulgarities, blasphemies, or inappropriate sexual images may be deleted without notice. In addition, plagiarism will not be tolerated, if you copy something please cite the source either in link or in credit to the author. Screening and deleting comments is not allowed. If there is a problem, a moderator will handle it. Flaunting one’s disregard for community rules will not be tolerated and offending parties can and will be banned for such behavior.

While it is normal that community members will disagree with each other’s opinions and ideas, discussion of the disagreements should always be carried out in a civil manner without resulting to vulgarities or personal attacks. Any member who continually resorts to ad hominem attacks will be warned. And if such behavior continues, he or she will be removed from the community. Such behavior is neither Christ-like, nor acceptable. Trolling is not tolerated, and “trolls” will be banned from posting in the community. Finally, messages that disable comments will be deleted. The blatant misrepresentation of oneself, to troll or too avoid a previous ban, etc. will not be tolerated.

As a common courtesy to the people who watch this community, please don't post any streaming media that starts to play automatically. Posts that contain such will be deleted. Either post a link to such media or put it behind an LJ-cut.

If you have any questions or concerns about this community, please contact the maintainers. The maintainers will not hesitate to step in and enforce posting standards in cases where they believe the community is being abused. Do not ask about deleted posts or other actions on mainboard posts, any such posts will be deleted. Furthermore, do not use the moderators own journals as a means of addressing deleted posts.

That said, the moderators/maintainers prefer to remain in the background and allow anyone to say whatever he or she feels is appropriate to say in this community. However, they always welcome questions, prayer concerns, and things of that nature. Please feel free to use them, as they are here for your use. They are also typing in the plural third person.

The moderators/maintainers can be reached by using their livejournal email adresses ([username]@livejournal.com).

(N.B.: The moderators reserve the right to ban/suspend community members for infractions not precisely covered in this User Info if the conduct of a member is deemed damaging.)

If we all play nice and respect our Lord and each other, there won’t be any problems. And, in this way, we can be the Body of Christ together, transcending physical boundaries in this forum.

Posting or commenting in this community constitutes agreement to the above.

Soli Deo Gloria!
(To God alone goes the glory!)

Christianity 101:
The following are entries all newcomers should read. They are attempts to provide introductions to basic topics that come up often.

The Nicene Creed for Beginners (aefenglommung, Sept. 4, 2005)
The Canon of Scripture for Beginners (aefenglommung, Sept. 5 2005)
Guide to the Clergy for Beginners (aefenglommung, Sept. 7 2005)


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