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Failure as a pathway to growth

We live in culture that often emphasises success and excellence. But very few of us are always successful, and many of us fall short of excellence most of the time.

In fact, failure can be a valuable spiritual pathway, because at times of failure, we are sometimes stripped bare of our proud pretences before God, and recognise the eternal reality of our dependence and need for God.

At the end of all our assertions, and distractions about ourselves, we come before God in need. We come before a God who loves us dearly, sees us, still values us, and this God is faithful and devoted to us.

We see that devotion in Jesus Christ, who gave his life in love, and offering.

When we come before God in the rags of our own failures, God can help us to 'get real'. To simplify our spirituality. To stop striving for perfection, and instead, opening our hearts to God's love and tenderness.

At that point of repentance and opening to God, it begins: the flow of the love of God can begin once more. The Holy Spirit, like a flowing stream of love, can heal and renew not only ourselves, but those who we, in turn, dare to open up to and serve.

How often, spiritual renewal begins at the point of repentance, and the recognition of our weakness and our dependence on God.
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