quick for a turtle (nobleprolet) wrote in christianity,
quick for a turtle

so many...

There was not only 1 Jesus and there is not only 1 God and there are more than just 1 Holy Spirits. This is the truth of life and the universe and the cosmoi. Don't forget that the King Jesus had friends. He didn't even want to be the king. He just wanted to befriend Herodes. He said, okay, I wear the crown. And the old guy didn't even get angry. He went to the prison for him. And Judea had a good king for some time. Fat guys know something about the world. Thing guys too, but they have to eat often. The other Jesus people were great too. Some much greater than the King Jesus. And the King Jesus called himself Mister only. He disappeared into the fog later. And travelled to England to become King Arthur when he got older. That is the truth. There is mystery and long life in this world. Some bible prophecies were true and not too damaged by zealous priests, idiot officials and many big and small rogues and criminals in innocent clothing!
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