quick for a turtle (nobleprolet) wrote in christianity,
quick for a turtle

universal salvation

I am very sure now that God saves all of us and that there are no hellfire punishments. I went to our graveyard recently and spoke about that with people. They all got lifted up in their spirit and put smiles on their faces. This is how christianity must be done. Jesus is not a harsh judge - instead He was and is someone who brings the truth about the wonderful afterlife to us. Eternal life is the commandment of God - not that eternal life is the reward for serving him. God is a gentle and deep father, and Rilke and Goethe and Morus and Bonhoeffer were more right about him than Luther, Augustine, many of the bible writers, etc. We humans possess a dignity and a deep and serious heart, and God connects to us through them than through subservience and fear. This is absolutely true, my human brethren!
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