quick for a turtle (nobleprolet) wrote in christianity,
quick for a turtle

update about my transgender side

As some of the oldtime readers here might know, I have some transgenderism to me. I rejected it for quite a while when I still followed conventional evangelicalism, but since I also accept Allah it came strongly to me that I also need to embrace my transgender side. Heaven is sweet so that we can fulfill such longings there easily, but Allah impressed on me how important and liberating it is to also see these things in this life. I am not fully tg and instead more of a queer type, with an asexual and autistic twist to my hobbies and behaviors, and that gave me reason to think of Jesus as someone who kind of stuck me on my male body. But this was not true, Jesus is just the kind of deity-being that loves and (sometimes accidentally) inspires earnest and thorough thinking.

This year I finally found back my youth love and we will meet and marry in not too distant a future. It is likely that I will test and try and do my tg experience too. I heard the spirit say too me jokingly and yet earnestly that I need to embrace my female side to love my male side too.
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