quick for a turtle (nobleprolet) wrote in christianity,
quick for a turtle


The past two years were very strange for me. I had a lot of new input to work on, coming from my interest for other religions than christianity. I embraced some Islam, some Olympian religion, some buddhism, some hinduism and more. My conjecture was, all gods are good and that the ancient scriptures are not always to be taken as truth but instead as a play, as a game where we talk with god in the form of spiritual art. Especially in Olympian religion scripture is art. It's perfect for theater. It's not the truth that Prometheus got the fire for us, but it really widens our sense if we work through such artistic plays with the divine and us.

In that sense, I have become a christian polytheist. Jesus Christ is the God that I chose to be my own God. And in Him I see the son of the Spirit of the Cosmos and of the Higher Power that is love. "Pick up the stone and you will find me, cut the wood in two and there am I." I don't see Jesus as a halfgod, instead I see him as special in the sense that he is so different from the other gods. He is a friend of mankind and unites us to the heavenly realm where of course everything is better. And as a child of the Cosmos he is not simply a god but instead a wonderperson, a wonderchild. And we can turn to Him in trouble and He in cross, resurrection and ascension to Heaven is a sign now that the gods mean well to us.
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