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How strange and awesome!

How strange and awesome is the coming of our Lord!

At His birth, our lady, the blessed virgin, St. Mary, a daughter of the race of dust, suffering hardship at the hands of rulers uncircumcised in the flesh and heart, this daughter of Zion, in an unspeakable, fearsome and mysterious manner gives birth to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Though a lowly virgin and handmaid of the Lord, she becomes the Mother of the Unoriginate Word that proceeds from the mouth of the Most High.

How strange and awesome is the ministry of our Lord!

At His last supper, our holy and pure fathers, the apostles, suffering insult by the profanation of their temple by corrupt men, in an unspeakable, fearsome and mysterious manner become priests ministering with the eternal High Priest in the awful Sacrifice. And receiving the bread and the wine from their Master, they became annointed vessels of gold, bearing the Body and Blood of the Lamb and their bodies were transformed into living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God.

How strange and awesome is the indwelling of our Lord!

At the pouring forth of His Spirit, our holy and pure fathers and mothers, the first-born of the new Covenant, sons and daughters of the Twelve Tribes that trembled before the Lord of Sinai, in an unspeakable, fearsome and mysterious manner received the indwelling of the Consoler, the Holy Spirit. Behold, they are made to stand and sing praises before the Lord of Zion. Though they were suffering from the division of many tongues because of the curse of Babel, they were made one mind and one heart by the one Spirit by means of many flaming tongues. Though they were surrounded by the darkness and lawlessness of the nations, they have received hearts of flesh inscribed with the Torah that brings light and the law of Christ to all. The Holy Spirit which, in the beginning, brooded over the face of the abyss and wrought the universe, fluttered upon the apostles and they themselves became first fruits of the new creation.

How strange and awesome is the calling of our Lord!

I, a great sinner, son of the race of dust, born to a nation of gentiles, in an unspeakable, fearsome and mysterious manner, received the baptism of Christ and the anointing of the Spirit. I was ransomed from the wages of death, received the consolation of forgiveness, was grafted unto the olive tree, and I was born anew from on high, a son of Israel, Isaac, Abraham.

Though I was born according to the flesh of Adam into the darkness of sin and death, the old man was judged and put to death and I was raised up in Christ and received the light of immortality, incorporated into the mystical body of the new Adam.

Though my fathers, the children of Tubal and Tiras, Japheth and Shem, Noah, Seth and Adam, suffered in exile, far from Eden, I was brought from the ends of the earth and made to walk past the cherubim with flaming sword and to drink of the river of the waters of life, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb, gushing forth from the right side of the Temple of His Body. Beside this river was the Tree of Life and I was made to eat of its Fruit and was healed of all sickness.

Though I bore the mark of Cain on my forehead and was trapped in the cycle of death and though I was ignorant of God's name and forbidden to utter it, He wrote His unspeakable Name upon my forehead, made me a Tabernacle of the Presence and annulled the curse of Cain, annulling death from death and making of my death a new birth into life.

Though I was outside the banquet hall, I was welcomed into the wedding feast of the Lamb and bade to eat at the holy Table. I was black and beautiful and He, greatly desiring my beauty, crowned me with a wreath like a bridegroom and adorned me in jewels like a bride and the royal handmaidens escorted me to the bridal chamber of the King.

Though I was defiled and stripped naked by the worship of idols, I was washed in the bronze sea, annointed with olive oil, pure myrrh, sweet cinnamon, cassia and many spices and fragrances. I was clothed in the garments of salvation, wrapped in the robe of delight and was made to put on Christ Himself. I was made to stand in the holy courts of His Temple like the sons of Levi and the sons of Aaron, offering the incense of prayer and the Thanksgiving sacrifice of praise.

Though I stood in the court of the Gentiles, I was brought into the Holy House, made to go beyond the veil and fall before the cherubic throne, beholding the Lamb sitting thereupon and singing in the company of the angels and the holy ones, their voices thundering about, "The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Messiah, and He will reign forever and ever. Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the throne and to the Lamb."
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