Jesse (chordoflife) wrote in christianity,

Concerned about some Charismatic stuff/Rodney Howard Browne Ministries..

Yes, you read that right. I, a supposed "Vineyard Christian", have some concerns about some stuff that has been trying to link itself to my friends and other Vineyard members that appears to be very dangerous. PLEASE NOTE: I do not think that all Charismatic worship is heretical and demonic, and in fact, have benefited a lot from the Vineyard teachings, which despite people labeling it a "Cult" has been proven over and over again to be biblical ( You can read their statement of faith at their main website).

A friend of mine had previously attended part of the Hyper-Charismatic "Word Of Faith" Lakeland Revival, that was fronted by people like Todd Bentley, himself a graduate of the famous "Toronto Blessing" that radically changed how Vineyard was run. Bentley couldn't keep his hands off of other people's wives, kicked people as a form of "healing", and babbled the word "BAM BIP" instead of invoking a normal prayer, despite the fact that I am sure some folks may have inadvertantly actually experienced the Holy Spirit at work ( without Bentley's help)at his Lakeland meetings.

As for the group in question? This group is known as RTN or Rodney Howard Brown/Revival Ministries and is run by Rodney Howard Browne and his wife. These people believe in the idea of "Holy Laughter", Justification by tongues, may have used subtle hypnotic suggestions,and have adhered other questionable practices, and apparently Dr. Browne has gone so far as to rent out Madison Square Garden and actively recruit Catholic, Lutheran and Episcopal parishes to sign on to his movement. This is according to unconfirmed reports via Rick Ross ( who on occasion has been proven wrong mind you).

I know that often times, we all are quick to label something an heresy, or a sham, or this or that, so I am cautiously wondering if anyone has had any experience with this group? Are they a legitimate group or a fraud?

P.S. I tried to talk my friend out of the whole Todd Bentley mythos, and she was very quick to defend him despite my pointing out that he directly contradicted scripture by telling people he could command God to come down to earth. I felt like she was somehow "hypnotized" by the revival. I am worried that my friend might be once again swept up in something that looks Christian but is rather warped.
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