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Christianity and mental illness

As a Christian, someone who studies the Bible, or heck, someone who just feels like reading this community, what are your views on mental illness, its causes, the people who experience them, therapy, and medication?
How do Christians/pastors/etc in general view mental illness nowadays?

Are your views something like this?:

"There is sin in your life, chemical imbalance in the brain are a myth. The spirit is making the body sick, not the other way around. (Psalm 38:1-5)
The notion of "Mental illness" is a myth. There is usually nothing wrong with your body or your brain, you are suffering the consequences of sin in your life. You do indeed feel sick, but you would get better if you repent and change your lifestyle. (1 Timothy 6:10)"

Or like this?:

"Many churches and ministries have resident psychiatrists on staff. This isn’t the approach Jesus took. He met the needs, all the needs of the people through the power of the Holy Spirit, and I believe He intends His church to do the same. They don’t have to depart and go to the world to get their emotional needs met. They should bring them to Jesus (Matt. 14:16-18)."

Perhaps like this?:

"For me, my medication is a gift from God. I will eternally be thankful that He has provided the help that my body needs. It allows me to break away from the chains of Depression that immobilize my life. Without it, I would be of no use to anyone. I would be unable to make use of the time God has given me in this life."
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