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Heaven and earth are filled with Thy glory

As some philosophers and thinkers say, it is certain psychological condition of a person which prevents him/her from seeing the truth. As a rule, modern people can easily embrace the idea of all material things, irrespective of their form and essence, being composed of invisible atoms. This idea generally does not stir in us any repugnance. Yet, even Christians sometimes find it, to put it mildly, hard to accept the idea of all material things, irrespective of form and essence, being incessantly filled with some invisible light of the grace and glory of God. The idea that a given thing is made of invisible atoms is easily accepted by a person irrespective of whether he/she likes this thing or not. Yet, certain, and sometimes even immeasurable efforts would be required to believe that a material thing that you loathe for some reason is all the same shining invisibly with the divine light that, in fact, feeds your soul with life.
Always rejoice, incessantly pray and thank God for everything, - says Paul.
Some may wonder if it is possible to fulfill this. Rejoice? Yes. But surely not always. Pray? Yes, but not incessantly, of course. Thank God? Certainly, but not for everything, to be honest.
But if a person manages to embrace with all of his or her heart the idea of all material things, irrespective of essence and forms, being invariably filled with the divine light, - invisible, yet real and feeding his/her soul with life, then wherever this person may be, whatever may be happening to him/her, no matter what thing his/her eyes may see at the moment, there is always a good reason to rejoice and thank God for literally every and any thing, which, in its turn, entails an incessant praying.
Yet, of course, it is easier said than done. Personal psychology, personal preferences and loathing, personal likings and disliking step in with their protests though they usually remain quite passive when the talk is about invisible atoms, not about the invisible light of God's grace, equally filling all things.
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