November 19th, 2006


Critique of 'Original Sin' and Assertion of 'Original Beauty'

I think it's commonsense that we're all selfish (and some people do horrific things) but this selfishness is probably part of our evolutionary survival mechanism (although the future evolution of our species probably depends just as much on the skills and desire to co-operate).

I also think there is a common spiritual principle across many faiths of: death to selfishness and opening up (in different situations) to love.

What I'm less convinced of is Paul and the Early Church's very 'mechanical' "package" of a kind of original sin based on the sins of Adam and Eve.

Given that Adam and Eve almost certainly didn't exist (certainly not as ancestorless, perfect human beings in a Garden of Eden), it seems to me that for Paul to build his theological "construction" on these non-existent personalities and non-existent events, and then create some universal consequence for all humanity because of their non-existent actions, is simply a reflection of Paul's over-intense religiosity and desperate need to explain and control.

While I think it is important to recognise and acknowledge the terrible consequences of human selfishness, I don't think we are obliged to 'buy into' Paul's personal "package".

I think our need for salvation is a reflection of our need for Godde, not because we are all fundamentally sick, evil, worthless.

And at the same time as I prefer to re-define Paul's artificial "construction" in more rational terms, I also argue that we should play up our true origins, created as children of Godde in the image of Godde, and encourage one another to reclaim again and again our original beauty, our original goodness, our original love.

I personally think this whole approach is more balanced than Paul's intense mechanism and desire to control ideas.

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For those who prayed about the opportunity I mentioned earlier, I'd like to thank you. =) After praying about it and thinking about it, I decided that I won't pursue it for several reasons.

One, I don't like the program I'd be going with. I just...plain don't like it. It's disorganized, unplanned, and far too random for the good they say they want to do.

Second, it's very conservative Church of Christ...which I just can't see myself dealing with any longer. They're values are crazy/conservative, and if I have to have one more argument about how instrumental music in the worship service is sinful because of some obscure verse in the NT that doesn't even mean that, I think I'll have to gorge my eyes out with a dull spoon. X__x;;;;

[I'm really not kidding about the instrument thing. Just look up 'Churches of Christ'. Not Latter Day Saints, though. Just regular 'Churches of Christ'.]

Third, I don't feel ready to face Culture Shock again. It's a killer normally, but in a place like that where not even the natives know what the hell's going on, it's especially mind-blowing.

Fourth...I feel happy here. Mostly. I mean, there's this grieving/depression thing, but for that alone I feel the need for a safe, stable environment...and the opportunity presents anything but stability.

Fifth, I don't want the responsibility of presenting the Gospel in an undercover way right now. I just...don't.

Sixth, I know that if this is really God saying, "Go forth, my child!", then I'll be there regardless. Granted, the Unseen Forces would have to do a better job than ever before to convince me that I neeeeeeeed to go...even better when they convinced me I needed to leave. And trust me, that's a lot.

So, anyways, just wanted to issue a thanks to all of you who lifted up your hearts on my behalf. May God be with you always! ^^


~C. L.~