Colleen Grace (xxcolleenxx) wrote in christianity,
Colleen Grace

womens retreat

So i went on a women's retreat this weekend with my church...and just let me tell you that my life has once again changed...and that theres nothing better than spending 3 days with 550 women who are just as emotional as you...crying just as much as you are...and all have one thing in common...Jesus...amazing to me...

i learned so many lessons...and i just feel so much more equipped to be a women of God's word...and it became more clear to me that being saved...was the best decision of my life...that i don't care who or what people have to say about my faith...that i don't care how foolish they think i am...that i have found the one thing in my life that has changed me forever...that has filled all the voids that i have ever have in life...that i have indeed the answer and meaning of life...

THis weekend i guess i just had so many things that i thought i have let go of...but in reality i kept them in my heart still...i learned that i need to be more forgiving...and to give things is so short...i dont want to be angry and bitter threw it...and that there are some people in my life that need to go away...

and that i have the power to walk away from any given situtation...

i dont know i just had an amazing weekend and im so glad i went...i feel like i have a greater understanding for things...and clarity on my role as a rocks...

exactly if you were right and i was wrong that there was no God...what is it that i have to loose...? i would have lived a good respectful life...and when i got to heaven...Jesus wouldnt be there...and still if i am right...and you are would have so much more to even if God doesn't exsist...then i still choose to remain foolish...and follow in His foot steps...
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