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today I wanted to share with you my theology. I hadn't entirely left God with some of my last posts but have come back to Jesus and don't believe in other deities anymore. It was a bit of a sin that I left but I wanted to see whether other gods existed and experimented in order to broaden my horizon. But as I said, now I have come back and went to divine services in my lutheran church and took communion a few times and am better now.

So here is my theology, I would call it a theology of the cross. Basically, on the cross God in Christ reconciled the world and everything in it to himself and made peace between man and Him. Prior to that, in the incarnation, his son Jesus revealed himself but as such he was rarely accepted. He had to sacrifice himself first so that forgiveness would come before faith and so he could keep loving even those people who did not accept him because of ignorance. On that cross Christ forgave everyone their sins, past, present and future, and on top of that he changed the system of righteousness and nailed the handwriting of the mosaic law on the cross and put it out of the way. Now it is not these rules anymore which mediate between man and God but instead the crucified Savior who acts in love and forgiveness not because we force him but instead simply because He is such a person and has such a will.

With the mosaic law out of the way we can turn to two other systems of commandments that might help us be enlightened about ethics. One would be God's law, which means the 10 commandments, and the other is Christ's law that means the 2 love commandments of loving God and neighbor. These two laws do not speak of punishments for sinning but instead describe an ideal ethical reality. If everyone followed the 10 commandments, we would have a wonderful world. And if we also followed Jesus' love commandments it would be all perfect.

We know from the bible that Jesus was sinless, but I don't think this means complete sinlessness according to the mosaic code. It was instead sinlessness according to the same law that Jesus preached, the 10 commmandments and the two love commandments. Jesus fulfilled these two systems perfectly and interpreted them rightly, for example that doing good on the sabbath is acceptable and commendable actually. He did not see his righteousness as coming from mosaic law and instead considered this law only a mere shadow, as a cause of anger and wrath, as unable to produce the good and as something that made sin alive and causing death. As we can see, here too Jesus follows his ways of forgiveness and love.

About salvation, part of it, the salvation of eternal life after death, Jesus has already finished on the cross. But it is not a reality of those who disbelieve and these people will receive redemption in the afterlife when they go to God as all humans must because it is appointed to us to die once and then go to judgment. But Jesus is the advocate of those who sin and he stays that way in Heaven in the afterlife so the judgment of God is loving and fair, he knows we are but dust, we have a body that can experience pain and suffering, there are many bad influences on us for example the influence of satan and we are simply not perfect and not always loved enough to secure us to a life of purity without fear. And even if someone were utterly sinful God would still love this person because love is above justice. Things like war and terrorism where God must sometimes strike down evil men, don't carry over into the next life.

So that is my theology of the cross and I believe it is big enough to show the grace of God that extends to all of his creation and which expresses God's love in Jesus Christ that reconciled everything to him. As in Adam all sinned, in Jesus Christ all are made alive. The death is swallowed up by life. Mercy triumphs over judgment.
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