quick for a turtle (nobleprolet) wrote in christianity,
quick for a turtle

belief in something positive

In my life I have been confronted with two main different views about why we believe in Christ.

One view could be characterized as the positive one - we believe in Christ because He loves us. Salvation here means to draw this love of Christ in God into our lives so it would manifest here for our sake and, also, for the sake of our love for God that is supposed to increase.

The second view I would characterize as a negative one - we believe in Christ because if we do not do so, we get punished or at least our sins are not forgiven.

In the first scenario, we believe in God because He is good. In the second scenario, we believe in God so He would not be inclined to evil towards us.

I think the major problem an inquiring person might have about salvation and the complexities surrounding it, would be to know how he could escape being the recipient of God's evil in the face of their badness, sins, shortcomings, unbelief, and such.

The question is also, how can we have belief in Christ if we or those people we might care about like our maybe unbelieving friends and family, are threatened with things as severe as hellfire punishment if we cannot right away have perfect faith? And if we are supposed to at first GROW such a perfect faith, how is that different from being put in hell in the meantime? If God comes to fight with us, my only means of defense would be to withdraw my faith as a gut reaction of mine. If God comes to love us, this is out of the question really and every evil inclination towards God that would remain would simply be a temporary insanity.

How can we serve God if we in our ministry still cling to the negative view of salvation that I presented? When God loves mankind, how and why could we take away from it?
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