quick for a turtle (nobleprolet) wrote in christianity,
quick for a turtle

how to help someone hurting effectively?

In my group home there is a woman that has severe pains recently. Her name is Marion and she has issues with her knees and with her hip. Because of her age and other complications, she can't go to surgery. So she is sitting at the table during the day and sighs and complains about it all. I wish I could say something to her but I can't. I don't have an effective pain medicine. I can't heal her from her distress. So what I did was bringing my little netbook and played for her some christian music. Then she laughed a bit and said it sounds good. The nurse took her to bed a bit later and she could sleep. The nurse said, someone in pain belongs to bed and must relieve herself by laying down. But Marion doesnt't listen well to this. Most of the day she sits at the table and bears out her pain. So what else can I do to help her? It is becoming hard to eat breakfast or dinner because she is always ouching... any ideas?
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