C (polaires) wrote in christianity,

How do you know it's God?

Hello, friends. I am.. somewhat new here, I've been a member under various usernames in the past; somehow LJ and this community keeps drawing me back. I am a Christian, baptized and confirmed into the Episcopal Church, but I have fallen away and haven't been attending a church home in recent years. I've been reading an article on CNN about what the voice of God sounds like to various people, and I'm wondering... how do you know when the "voice" that is speaking to you is actually God's? Let me try to explain.

When I think I "hear" God, it's not a voice, per se. It's a Bible verse that stands out, or a song lyric that stands out, maybe even just a sentence from a secular book. Lately I keep thinking about a phrase I heard when I was reading about the Miraculous Medal: "The graces for which we forget to ask." I think about it at least once a day, I can't seem to put it aside. This to me seems to be God telling me I need to learn more about asking for things from Him. Another instance I had is when I was at a Vocare retreat years ago and someone was giving a talk about God's call. I had been thinking about becoming a teacher, but I wasn't sure if that was what I was meant to do; I had a lot of self-doubt. Then while the person was giving her talk, I heard her say, very clearly, "Answer your call." It was as if she was speaking directly to me. For days after, all I could concentrate on was "Answer your call." Ever since then, I have been moving towards becoming a teacher, feeling that this is what God wants me to do.

So I guess my question for anyone who wishes to answer is, how do you know when it is God speaking to you, and not your own.. subconscious, I suppose, getting in the way?
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