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If you murder someone and ask for forgiveness, you will be forgiven.
If you get a divorce, you are doomed to Hell.

This is the message that a few people in my life received after they'd divorced spouses and remarried more suitable individuals. This message came from a protestant church with a cambellite frame of mind.

And I'm not talking about the frustrations that Roman Catholics feel when they get divorced and don't want to go through the annulment process. That process still exists and many Catholics do go through it successfully, are redeemed and continue on in their faith in good grace. The situation I'm talking about is a strict denial of any possibility that God could forgive someone for having a divorce.

My question is about the reasoning behind such permanent condemnation. We know God's love is eternal and enduring. We know his forgiveness exceeds our understanding. We know that marriage is a blessed union that should neither be started nor ended hastily. But why would a sin that seems so heinous and permanent by comparison, like murder or rape, be blessed with an opportunity of forgiveness, whereas divorce leaves one eternally damned?

I just don't understand how divorce is worse than murder or how someone who's gotten a divorce is no longer capable of receiving God's forgiveness and love. Cambellites are keen on following Scripture so please tell me scripturally how it's justifiable and correct to make such claims against someone's salvation and their worth in God's eyes. I must be missing something here.
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